John P. De Cecco, San Francisco (U.S.A.):

The Politics of Modern Sexology

"Can Sexology Win Justice for Gays and Lesbians?" was the critical question posed by John De Cecco's public lecture four days ago in the pre-conference program. He pursued the idea that the rules of sexual conduct are political inventions, although they often parade under "scientific" labels such as normal and natural. This would in part be a criticism of Hirschfeld's credo of justice through knowledge, although ol' Magnus' political acumen is to be credited for founding and leading a political movement to accompany his Enlightenment belief in progress through knowledge and reason.

In today's paper I want simply to point out the subrosa political agenda of sexology today parading as science, and how it ignores and buries internal political divisions in it, including scholars of feminist and glbt (gay-lesbian-bisexual-transsexual) studies.

About the Author:
John P. De Cecco, Ph.D., born 1924. Professor of Psychology and Human Sexuality, San Francisco State University. Director, Human Sexuality Studies Program, SF State Univ. Director, Center for Research and Education in Sexuality (CERES). Adjunct Professor, Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, San Francisco. Numerous research positions, publications, editorial positions (including that on the 'Journal of Homosexuality' now approaching its 34th volume), book reviews, research consultancies, board directorships, and awards, including the 1992 Magnus Hirschfeld Medal for Outstanding Contributions to Sexual Science. - Address: CERES, Psychology Bldg., San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA 94132, U.S.A. Phone: +1 415 / 338 1137; Fax: +1 415 / 824 5380; eMail: aquinas@sfsu.edu Zum Anfang