Linus J. Dietz, Würzburg (Germany):

Homosexuality - One Word, but a Hundred Meanings and Misunderstandings

Sex exucation in German schools is, after a Supreme Court ruling, obligatory by law and administered according to the officical "Recommendations Regarding Sex Education in the Schools of the Federal Republic of Germany" - valid as a framework / guideline for all the 16 German states.

By decision of the Conference of Secretaries (State Ministers) of Education and Culture on March 10, 1968, homosexuality has been found as one word only in the text about "teaching objectives".

They read like this: "... By the end of the 9th or 10th grade of following topics are to have been covered (encyclopedic sequence is to be avoided): social-ethical problems of human sexuality (e. g. birth control, promiscuity, prostitution, homosexuality) as well as laws concerning the protection of adolescents and sexual crimes, (e. g. rape, abortion, procuration, the spread of venereal diseases, sexual offences). ..."

The paper describes these guidelines, which are nearly 30 years old.

Homosexuality - one Word, but a hundred meanings and misunderstandings at the difficult education of young students all over the world!

About the Author:
Linus J. Dietz, born in 1947. Diplompädagoge. Director (Headmaster) of Gustav-Walle-Hauptschule in Würzburg. Chair of the Bavarian Section of the German Society for Sex and Gender Education (DGG); Vice Chair of the DGG. - Charged with Prevention Education by the Bavarian Teachers' Union (BLLV) and the Federal Teachers' Union VBE at Bonn. Special interests: current youth topics, sex education, AIDS-, drug and abuse prevention. - Publications: Sexualerziehung, - aber wie? Oldenbourg 198, numerous articles in teachers' hand books and magazines. - Address: Lengfelder Str. 29, D-97078 Würzburg. Phone: +49 931 / 2 56 57; Fax: +49 0931 / 2 99 12 16; eMail: Dietz@gateway.gws.wuerzburg.de Zum Anfang