Isabel Boschi, Buenos Aires (Argentine):

Human Rights and Sexual Education in "Platerillo": An Argentine Liberation Experience

Gender prejudices and sexual stereotypes go together in sexual education in Argentine schools.
- A very uncommon experience in "Platerillo", an unusual kindergarten and primary school in Buenos Aires, shows how children develop from spontaneous sexual plays in kindergarten till responsible reflexive conversation in primary school. In the 7th level they talk about human rights, gays and lesbians, racism, prejudices against people with Down Syndrome, the human being and its environment, and the right to have a place in the world. - This experience shows that nakedness, sexual plays in childhood, sexual education and conversations do not produce criminals, but free, open-minded, democratic persons. (A 20 minutes video, accompanied by some reflections of the author.)

About the Author:
Isabel Boschi, born in 1938. Psychologist, Master in Clinical Sexology (CETiS), Master in Family Therapy (CEFYP). Head of ISDE (Instituto de Sexologia del Desarollo - Sexual Development Institute), Buenos Aires. - Main focus on prejudices referring to sexual abuse of children, paraphiliae, sexisms, and gender stereotypes. Therapy, workshops, courses in sexual education. Book in progress. - Address: Manuel Ugarte 2251, ZP 1428, Buenos Aires (Argentine). Phone & Fax: +54 1 781 / 3686; eMail: sanssa@giga.com.ar Zum Anfang