Ivo Procházka, Prague (Czechia):

The Experiences of Gay Czech Men with Sexual Victimization.

The frequency of experiences with inadequate sexual behaviour was investigated within the sample of 194 homosexual men who completed the anonymous questionnaires published in a gay journal. 39 men (20 percent of the sample) have experienced sexual abuse in their childhood, 23 men (12 percent) have met with sexual violence and 32 men (16 percent) have had any sexual activity with the person with the higher social position (sexual harassment). Those with one experice in the past were prone to be victimized by some other form of sexual inadequate behaviour. The negative influence of these experiences for the psychosocial development and possible risk of HIV infection are discussed.

About the Author:
Ivo Procházka, MUDr., is a 39 year old physician with the specialization in medical sexology and psychiatry. He is working as researcher at the Institute of Sexology, 1st Medical faculty of Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.

His main scientific interests are gay and lesbian issues, gender dysphoria and HIV prevention, counselling and psychiatric care. He is the author of more than 50 scientific articles and over 100 popular ones.

He is member of the Executive Committee of AIDS National Commission representing non-governmental organizations, member of presidium of SOHO / Czech Association of Gay and Lesbian Groups, and member of the Czech AIDS Help Society Committee. - Address: Institute of Sexology, Karlovo nám. 32, CZR-120 00 Praha 2. Phone: +420 2 / 29 72 85; Fax: +420 2 / 24 90 46 09. Zum Anfang