Maj-Briht Bergström-Walan, Stockholm (Sweden):

Latest Trends in Sexual Behaviour in Sweden

In Sweden, a second large study of sexual behaviour has just been published (May 1997). The former was made in 1967, and was the first study in sexual behaviour in the world based on a random nation-wide sample of 2,156 men and women in he ages of 18 to 60. That study was highly representative; only one out of ten did not respond.

In our new study, 2,810 persons took part, all residents in Sweden between 18 and 74 years of age. However, this time the falling-off (non-responder part) was high. Possible reasons for this will be discussed.

Sexual activity in Sweden is much greater today than 30 years ago, but almost half of all men and women are dissatisfied with their sex life. The main reason is less/decreased sexual desire. But in spite of a high sexual dysfunction rate only 18% asked for professional sex therapy.

Some further results:

- more than one-third of Swedish men have been unfaithful as against 23% of Swedish women;

- more than 10% have homosexual fantasies, mostly women. Only 2.4% of all had experienced same-sex;

- more than one-third of both sexes in the age of 18 to 30 had their first intercourse before 18 years of age;

- Swedish women today have three times as many sexual partners than 30 years ago;

- 13.6% of the men had paid for sex, as against 0% of the women;

20% of all had at some time a STD (sexually transmitted disease), with no difference between hetero-, bi- or homosexuals.

About the Author:
Maj-Briht Bergstöm-Walan, PhD (Dr. of Psychology), M. D. (h. c.), born in 1924. Specialist in Clinical Psychology. Sexologist. Diplomate and Certified Sex Therapist (American Board of Sexology). Registered Midwife. Founder (1970) and since Director, Swedish Institut for Sexual Research. Expert in Sexual Education. Lecturer in Sexology at Universities in Europe, U.S.A., Canada, and Australia. Author of books on sex education and sexology. Research on sex and elderly, sex and handicapped, transvestism, sexual fantasies, and female sexuality. Swedish editor, Jornal of Nordic Sexology. Vice-President (since 1991), European Federation of Sexology (EFS). International Representative to The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, USA. Honorary Member: Swedish Association of Sexology, British Association of Sex and Marital Therapy, AASECT (USA), Swedish Assiciation of Transvestism. - Address: Svenska Sexualforskningsinstitutet (Swedish Institute for Sexual Research), Lästmakargatan 14-16, S-111 44 Stockholm. Tel. +46 8/ 10 35 11, Fax +46 8/ 86 18 87, eMail maj.briht@pi.se Zum Anfang