Milton Diamond, Honolulu:

Changes in the Treatment of Intersex Conditions

Previously considered classical research into intersex conditions has been found to be based on faulty logic. Unfortunately it has led to poor clinical methods of treatment still in use. This talk will explore reasons for the original faulty reasonings and the evidence behind a modern theory of intersex management which gives credence to the influences of psychosexual predisposition for sexual identity and sexual orientation. New clinical management techniques are offered.

About the Author:

Milton Diamond, Prof. Dr. Director, Pacific Center for Sex and Society, University of Hawaii at Manoa. - Recipient of the Magnus Hirschfeld Medal for Sexual Science 2000 of the DGSS. Past President of the International Academy for Sex Research. Current President of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality. Recipient of the British Prize for Research on Gender Identity, Research and Education. Research Fellowship Award of the Canadian Lady Davis Foundation. Recipient of the Lederly Pharmaceutical Company Medical Faculty Research Award. Award of the American Association of Pediatrics, Urology Division.

Prof. Milton Diamond, PhD
Pacific Center for Sex and Society, University of Hawaii at Manoa,
John A. Burns School of Medicine, Department of Anatomy and Reproductive Biology
1951 East-West Road, Honolulu, HI 96822 (U.S.A.)
eMail: diamond@hawaii.edu
website: www.afn.org/~sfcommed
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