Karla Etschenberg, Flensburg:

Mensch Mann, was wird aus dir?
Fakten und Visionen zum Thema Mann

(Hey man, what are you turning into?
Facts and visions on the human male)

How could we get into seriously discussing the question of why there still exist males? Are we referring to man as the "genetically screwed-up woman"? The myth - still deeply rooted in our Christian culture - of man as the original 'spitting image' of god proved to be a twist of the actual development of both genders: man was created after and modeled by woman, not vice versa. The role of man is challenged more fundamentally by biology than by society, it seems. The social effects of such challenge are open to speculation.

About the Author:

Karla Etschenberg, Professor Dr. paed., M.A. Born in 1941. Teacher and Dipl.-Päd. (university-trained educator), Ph. D. After her "habilitation" (post-doctoral university lecturing qualification) for Biology and its Didactics Full Professor at the University in Kiel 1991 - 2000, since 2000 at Flensburg University. Research areas: didactics of biology and human biology / health education in teacher training. 1993-2001 President of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geschlechtserziehung e. V. (DGG; German Society for Sexuality Education). Numerous publications on health and sexuality education in schools ( Publications). - For several years she has been a board member of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Kinder- und Jugendschutz (AJS) in NRW (Study Group Child and Youth Protection). Ex-member of the Federal Health Ministry coordinating unit AIDS. Member of the DGSS Governing Board.

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