Diederik F. Janssen, Nijmegen (NL):

Postdevelopmental Sexualities: Don't Bring the Kids!

This paper is concerned with contemporary occidental, “postmodern” localisations of “sexual” “development”. A collage of recent perspectives and studies is offered in sketching contemporary theoretical currency in developmental sexology. The reflection briefly addresses the intersection of postmodernist refashioning of human ‘developments’, the Foucaultian notion of erotic childhood, and the disciplinary concept of erotic Curriculum (as hinted at in Janssen, 2002-3, vol. II, passim). Countercurrently, the exploration is set to demonstrate that while such localisations inform elite academic performances, the case for child-centred or child-structured accounts is being problematised by a transdisciplinary (and public) hesitation to solidify such an account by means of experimental endorsement, leaving theoretical proceedings unapplied. It is noted that, despite postmodern notions and semantic diffusion of ‘social curriculars’, current re-operationalisations of disciplining chronologies (‘Curriculum’) fail to incorporate novel perspectives for erotic propaedeuses. Rather, orthodox chronology continues to “other” both pre-pubertal and pubertal trajectories as universal ‘necessaries’ and ‘essentials’ for erotic maturity. This situation of incoherence both strains and fuels critical notions of early erotics, as archaic ones are easily discarded and alternative ones remain highly textual. A preliminary case is made for an interbreeding of notions tailored to emancipate ‘developed’ sexualities, and those that subscribe to a critical implementation of sexological postdevelopmentalism.

About the Author:

I am an undergraduate with a double major in Philosophy and Cultural Anthropology. I graduated from medical school in 2001, during which I did some preliminary historiographic reviewing into the (Von Krafft-Ebingean) entity of Paradoxia Sexualis in the context of 1877-1931 German Sexualwissenschaften, and after which I was given the opportunity to do some literature reviewing into ethnohistorical aspects of erotic socialization and development (work published at the Berlin Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology, and later at Books Reborn). This led to an ongoing Web-based project thematically dedicated to Growing Up Sexually. Apart from writing articles, I am preparing a contribution to a panel to be held at the Society for the History of Technology Annual Meeting, Amsterdam, October 7-10, 2004, entitled ‘Technologies of Erotic Propaedeusis’.

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