Ignatz Kerscher, Lüneburg:

Wandel der Sexualmoral und Sexualerziehung in Deutschland
(Changes in Sexual Morals and Sexual Education in Germany)

The traditional values in sex education have become questionable in the light of such phenomena as globalization, multicultural mixing of populations, religious variety within one nation, and plurality of life styles and subcultures.

In this age of post-modernism, sexuality education must give answers to questions of ethical-moral standards, avoiding the pitfalls of Eurocentricity and fundamentalist "sole representationism" of the Western-Christian-Capitalist value system.

In this, the "Declaration of Sexual Rights" as adopted by the General Assembly of the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) August 26, 1999, in Hong Kong (People's Republic of China) may offer orienting guidance (s. DGSS Home Page).

About the Author:

Karl-Heinz Ignatz Kerscher, Dr. phil., born in 1943. Hochschuldozent (professor) for Education Science at Lüneburg University. Ph. D. studies in education, sociology, law, and social education at Hamburg University. Teaching focus: social education relating to schools, gender-specific socialisation, sexuality education and counseling, theories of deviant behavior, alternative forms of education. Research focus: deviance and sexuality education, processes of marginalization and stigmatization, methods of stress relief and mental training. Numerous publications on sexuality education 1971 - 2001. Long-time (board) member of the German Society for Social-Scientific Sexuality Research (DGSS), of the German Society for Sexuality Research (DGfSF), and of the Austrian Society for Sexuality Research (ÖGS).

Dr. phil. Ignatz Kerscher
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