Oswalt Kolle, Amsterdam:

Sexueller Wandel: was war, was ist, was wird?
(Sexual Change: What was, what is, what comes?)

Based on his personal experience popular "national sex educator" Oswalt Kolle reports to what extent in the Fifties sexuality was tabooed and subject to moral as well as legal suppession. Commenting on the tremendous obstacles, after the availability of the "pill" and the first wavering efforts of introducing general sex education, to a broad sexual enlightenment that were put in the way of liberal educators and journalists trying to further a sexual climate friendly to both women and men, he arrives at today's sexualities: What was attained, what criminal codes were scrapped (e. g., those against homosexuality and procuration), and what were the social consequences - both positive and negative - of these liberations from constraint? Finally Kolle suggests some paths we should go in future.

About the Author:

Oswalt Kolle, born in 1928, German-born Dutch science journalist, became famous in the Sixties as a popular sex educator in German mass media. He has numerous popular books on sexuality (e. g., Deine Frau, das unbekannt Wesen - "Your wife, that unknown being") and eight motion pictures (e. g., Dein Mann, das unbekannte Wesen - "Your husband, that unknown being") to his credit which were published, translated, and distributed world-wide. In 2000 he was awarded the Magnus-Hirschfeld-Medal for Sexual Reform.

Kolle has made his bisexuality public (book publication: Nach beiden Seiten offen - "Open to both sides"). He has been living for many years as a Dutch citizen in Amsterdam. A widower after fifty years with his wife, Kolle has three children and two grandchildren living in Amsterdam.

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