Gunter Runkel, Lüneburg:

Sexualität und sozialer Wandel
(Sexuality and Social Change)

The paper compares parallel changes in the social development of sexuality and sexual behavior.

Different shapes of sexualities in varying social epochs are being studied, characterized primarily by segmentary, then stratificatorical, finally today functional differentiation.
- In societies with segmentary differentiation sexuality was characterized primarily by its reproductive function.
- In societies with early stratificatory differentiation there arose a marked lust funtion especially for males.
- In societies with functional differentiation there developed a growing separation between lust and reproductive functions.

Finally it will be discussed to what extent, in the past few decades, a shift occurred in the various dimensions of intimate relations and sexuality.

About the Author:

Gunter Runkel, Dr. phil., Associate Professor ('Privatdozent'). Director, Institute for Social Sciences, Lüneburg University. President of the DGSS. - Born 1946. Scientific Advisor, Shanghai Sex Sociology Research Centre. PhD in Sociology, Sexology, and Political Science. Guest Professor for Sociological Theory, Sociology of Sexuality, and Sociology of Family, Central Connecticut State University (USA). Member of the International Academy of Sex Research and of the International Academy of Sciences.

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