Kurt Starke, Leipzig:

Beziehungsbiographien im sozialen Wandel
(Relationship Biographies under Social Change)

The last decades have seen marked changes in partnership and sexual behaviour. Today men and women mary more rarely and later. The number of singles is rising. The types of non-marital relations are becoming more differentiated. Still life-long relationships are common, but at the same time can be seen several 'sequential relationships' within a lifetime. The wish for a stable relationship, including a life-long one, is still great. The ideal is a loving relationship with sexual faithfulness.

These changes have been examined in our interview study "Relationship Biographies under Social Change" ("Beziehungsbiographien im sozialen Wandel") , including men and women of three generations (aged 30, 45 and 60 years) from the Hamburg (ex-West Germany) and Leipzig (ex-East Germany) areas. Based on this research (www.beziehungsbiographien.de) the paper will deal with the outer varieties and inner dynamics of relationships as well as the variations of sexual habitus. An answer is sought to the questions of what founds, maintains, or destroys a relationship; what is its emotional quality, what is the role of sexuality in it, and how duration affects sexual activity.

About the Author:

Kurt Starke, Prof. Dr. habil. Head, Research Unit Partnership and Sexuakity Research, Leipzig. Numerous empirical studies. Recent publications:
- Rüdiger Lautmann and Kurt Starke: Germany. In: Robert T. Fravcoeur and Raymond, J. Noonan: The Continuum Complete International Encyclopedia of Sexuality. New York Londen: Continuum 2004. pp. 450-466
- Gunter Schmidt, Kurt Starke, Silja Matthiesen, Arne Dekker and Kurt Starke: Beziehungsformen und Beziehungsverläufe im sozialen Wandel. Zeitschrift für Sexualforschung (Stuttgart) 3- 2003. pp. 195-231
- Kurt Starke and Kurt Seikowski (Ed.) Sexualität des Mannes. Lengerich: Pabst 2002
- Kurt Starke: Fit for SexPower? Eine sexualwissenschaftliche Untersuchung zu BRAVO GiRL!. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang 2001
- Kurt Starke: Nichts als die reine Liebe. Beziehungen und Sexualität im Lebenslauf. Berlin: edition ost (in print)

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